How to join the Alliance?

We now accept new nomination for The Slow Food Chefs’ Alliance

Who can join?

Any Chef de cuisine, sous-chefs, cooks, pastry chef, baker, butcher & charcuterie maker as well as other kitchen professionals that are active Slow Food member that apply the philosophy of our movement in their everyday work, following the program criteria.

What is the Alliance?

The Alliance is a network uniting chefs around the world who are committed to defending biodiversity, traditional gastronomic skills and local cultures and supporting virtuous food producers.

Chefs have a fundamental role to play in safeguarding the biological and cultural diversity of our food. They are the best interpreters of our local areas and can promote local products with skill and creativity, raising the profile of the custodians of biodiversity.


The Alliance objectives are:

  • To inspire the creation and strengthening of direct relationships (of work, collaboration, friendship and solidarity) between chefs and food producers.
  • To promote the products of the Ark of Taste, wild products, Presidia and “good, clean and fair” products made locally on a small scale, thus protecting food biodiversity at risk of extinction.
  • To support and raise awareness about small-scale farms and artisanal food producers.
  • To promote Slow Food membership and develop and strengthen the Slow Food network in local communities, bringing producers, chefs and restaurateurs closer to Slow Food’s values.
  • To promote local gastronomic traditions and artisanal knowledge.
  • To educate the public about the need to make sustainable consumption choices.
  • To assist the movement by organizing fundraising events, to provide concrete support to Slow Food’s biodiversity-protection projects and the Terra Madre network’s activities.
  • To translate Slow Food’s international campaigns (like the sustainable fishing campaign, Slow Fish, or the campaigns against food waste and GMOs, in favor of biodiversity and raw-milk cheeses, to protect agricultural landscapes, etc.) into concrete, everyday actions.
  • To apply and promote the principles defended in the Slow Food Manifestos in everyday work of the chefs and cooks.


A Chef who want to join the Alliance choose to:

  • Use local, quality ingredients, supplied by farmers, herders, fishers, butchers, bakers and artisans who preserve traditional knowledge and techniques and work with respect for the environment, the landscape and animal welfare.
  • Promote virtuously produced local foods, starting with those from the Ark of Taste, Slow Food Presidia, and the Terra Madre food communities, giving visibility and dignity to the producers and their work and recognizing their true value.


Alliance chefs commit to the following:


  • Establishing a direct relationship with producers who supply ingredients, wherever possible (not just with the Ark of Taste, wild products, Presidia producers but also other small-scale local suppliers).
  • Respecting the seasons when choosing ingredients.
  • Promoting and supporting International, Canadian and local Slow Food campaigns (like Slow Fish, Slow Cheese or the campaign against food waste) and consequently making choices in line with the aims of these campaigns.


  • Indicating on the menu the name of the supplying producers, especially in the case of Presidia products. They can, for example, be listed on a separate page.
  • Displaying Alliance communication materials and communicating on its website that it belongs to the Alliance.
  • Never using the Slow Food logo (the snail) in its communication or on its menus.
  • Organizing, at least twice a year, an event dedicated to the projects, and donating part of the proceeds to the local Slow Food convivium to support its biodiversity-protection projects.
  • Guaranteeing working conditions that respect that rights of its workers and paying a fair price to producers.


The ingredients

  • Including as many local, “good, clean and fair” foods as possible, such as:
    • Products linked to Slow Food projects (Ark of Taste, Presidia and Food communities)
    • Wild products foraged from the ocean, coast or forest ecosystems.
    • Local products from virtuous producers who respect the environment.
  • Include regularly Ark of Taste products, wild products and Presidia products as required by the Canadian program.
    • A minimum of 3 wild products on menu, fresh or transformed for conservation purpose.
    • A minimum of 3 Canadian Ark of Taste products, preferably available in the same region or the venue.
    • One Canadian Presida products when possible.
    • In the case of Ark of Taste products or Presidia, being indicated on the menu with the logos provided by Slow Food, undertaking not to pass the logos on to others and to use them according to the regulations, at the risk of expulsion from the project.