Jesse McCleery



Jesse McCleery began working in restaurants at age 15 and began cooking at 16. As a twenty year veteran chef in Canada who has worked in many restaurants and eco-resorts British Columbia, his knowledge and experiences are diverse and rich. In addition, he ha salso worked as a butcher/charcuterie for three years with Oyama and spent six months at Noma in Copenhagen. As the co-owner and chef at Pilgrimme, his mission is to create an awareness and appreciation of whole, natural and wild foods. In addition, he aims to build a relationship and dialogue between his guests, his staff, the products and the producers. He believes it is essential to educate consumers on where food comes from and where it is going. Pilgrimme is a farm to table restaurant serving locally grown produce and foraged, wild foods collected by the staff. It serves an ingredient-driven menu focused on vegetables that changes with the harvests. The kitchen ferments and preserves much of the summer produce it receives in order to sustain the menu throughout the winter. Throughout the year, special dinners are organized to feature a single producer’s farm and showcase their harvest to guests. In addition to local and wild foods, Ark of Taste ingredients and bread made with the Presidium Red Fife Wheat are featured on the menu.

Menu exemple

marinated olives, chiles, pine, herbs

Fermented potato & heritage grain bread leek ash, burnt onion butter

Oyama beerbeisser, mustard, lacto-pickled cucumber & beet

Organic yellow pea panisse, pickled galiano vegetables, aioli

Belgian endive, mizuna, tiger blue, fermented pear, quince

Celeriac, sprouted rye berry, gribiche, tarragon

Island green beans and plums, kvass, nostrala, pine nut

Galiano potatoes in kelp oil, salmon roe, buttermilk, smoked & pickled bull kelp

Fermented barley grits, duck egg, xo, squash

Albacore tuna, lemon cucumber, kohlrabi, kefir

Grilled pacific octopus, chickpea, chorizo, tomatillo, pickled peppers

Beef heart tartare, sea lettuce, lacto-plum, cured duck yolk, sourdough

Dry aged duck, farro, hazelnut, grape

Ark of Taste products

To be detailed

Wild products

To be detailed

Slow Fish products

To be detailed

2806 Montague Rd, Galiano Island, BC V0N 1P0


Fridays to Mondays

5 pm. to 10 pm.