Bobby Grégoire

L'Atelier du Goût & Alliance leader


From his youth, Bobby Grégoire has been drawn to working in the kitchen. In 2001, he began a catering business that offers a modern take on the regional cuisine of Quebec, using local, seasonal and wild products. The goal is to provide guests with a unique sensory experience in a friendly atmosphere where the pleasure of eating well is coupled with discovering the skill of local artisans and producers who respect the environment and their craft. He has been an active Slow Food member since 2008 and has also worked as a gastronomy consultant. He helped develop several initiatives and culinary events in Canada including L’Apéro sauvage, MTL à Table, Slow Wine Montreal, and many more, as well as conducting lectures and cooking classes in Canada and abroad. He actively works to share his passion for local products, biodiversity and food heritage through cooking classes for chefs. In his kitchen, many Ark of Taste and wild, foraged ingredients are used. Local foods make up 65%-95% of his menu according to the seasonal availability.

Menu exemple


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Main dishs

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Ark of Taste products

  • Highbush Cranberry
  • Ice Cider by Cryoextraction
  • Ostrich Fern Fiddleheads
  • Pouding Chômeur
  • Red Fife Wheat
  • Saskatoon berries
  • St-Laurence Salted herbs mix
  • Témiscamingue Raw Milk Cheddar
  • Staghorn Sumac

Wild products

  • Narrow leaved Cat-tail,
  • Labrador Tea,
  • Daly lily buds,
  • Common milkweed brocoli,
  • Sea spinach,
  • Sea lovage,
  • Cloudberry,
  • Wild salsaparilla,
  • Wintergreen.

Slow Fish products

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