Bobby Grégoire - L'Atelier du Goût

Oliver Kienast - Wild Mountains Food & Drinks

Cory Pelan - The Whole Beast

David Gunawan - Royale Dinette

Jack Chen - Royal Dinette

Jesse Mc Cleery - Pilgrimme

Brad Holmes - OLO Restaurant

Kristopher Barnholden - Latab

Nancy Hinton - La Table des Jardins sauvages

Étienne Huot - La Récolte Espace local

Denis Vukmirovic - La Récolte Espace local

Clif Leir - Fol Epi

Slow Food Chef’s Alliance – Canada

A network of chefs defending food biodiversity across the world.

More than 700 Chefs, cooks, bakers and charcutery masters coming from restaurants, bistros and street kitchens – in Canada, Mexico, France, Italy, Germany, the Netherlands, Albania, Brazil, Ecuador, Argentina, Moroco, Kenya, Uganda and India – who support small producers, the custodians of biodiversity, everyday by using products from the Ark of Taste and Presida projects, as well as local fruits, vegetables and cheeses, in their kitchens.

The chefs are requested to add the names of the producers to their menus, to give visibility to their work. The Alliance chefs travel, meet with one another, participate in events and cook together.

In Canada, the Alliance focus on using wild edibles, sustainable seafoods and Ark of taste products. The network have been officially launched in 2015 in Greater Montréal and Vancouver Island.

Number of Canadian Chefs

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